Multidimensional Measure of Immigrant Integration


The Immigrant Integration Index is a project of the Immigration Policy Lab (IPL) at Stanford University and ETH-Zurich. Its short and long forms, “IPL-12” and “IPL-24”, have been built as versatile and pragmatic outcome measures. Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it has been validated through surveys conducted in a variety of countries and with various immigrant groups. The IPL-12, which we developed by testing and reducing hundreds of questions culled from existing surveys, poses two questions for each of the six dimensions of integration: psychological, social, economic, political, linguistic, and navigational. Administering it consumes very little survey time, and we hope that it will become a standard module embedded in all studies seeking to measure levels of integration across immigrant communities. As well, it should serve as a barometer for measuring the success of particular integration programs.

We also introduce the IPL-24, with four questions for each dimension, allowing for more precise measurement on each dimension. We welcome fellow researchers to make use of this measure and invite feedback that will help us not only to improve the instructions on this web page, but to improve as well the measure itself as we continue to advance the IPL-12/24.

To learn more about how we developed and tested the measure, have a look at our study. To see our survey questions and learn about coding rules, read our technical appendix, take the survey, or have a look at the download section.