Linguistic Integration

For linguistic integration, our measure captures respondents’ assessment of their ability to read, speak, write, and understand the dominant language of their host country or region.

We use “can-do” statements to quickly measure native language proficiency. Can-do statements are self-assessments gauging what a person “can do” in a language, like read a newspaper or listen to and understand the radio. In the short form IPL-12 we ask respondent how well they can do the tasks described in two statements:

1. I can read and understand the main points in simple newspaper articles on familiar subjects.

2. In a conversation, I can speak about familiar topics and express personal opinions.

For the long form IPL-24, we add two additional statements:

3. I can write letters about my experiences, feelings, and about events.

4. I can listen to and understand the main points in radio or TV programs about familiar subjects.

Duncan Lawrence